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eGo Cycle
Travel effortlessly on this electric moped

Our employees road-tested this remarkable electric cycle on everything from commutes to grocery runs — and quickly declared it the little bike that could. The eGo has what it takes to get you where you need to go, at a running cost of just a penny a mile.

This ingenious mode of transport is built on a quasi-bicycle frame — making it affordable as well as light enough to efficiently transport you and a surprisingly sizable payload. A simple turn of a key and a quick throttle twist engage either of two electronically controlled operating modes (“Go Far” and “Go Fast”), letting you tailor your ride for either greater distance range or maximum speed.

The eGo’s regenerative braking system captures your momentum as you ride, recharging the battery and optimizing the DC motor’s range. The built-in 5-amp charger plugs into any standard AC outlet for an 80% recharge in just 3 hours — and a full recharge from empty in only 4 to 6 hours.

The eGo’s cargo features are both accommodating and versatile: Built-in rear rack holds briefcases, picnic baskets and extra gear; optional folding rear baskets each hold a full bag of groceries; and optional front basket converts to shopping basket; optional cargo trailer attaches in a snap, folds flat for storage, can haul additional 100 lbs., and keeps brake light visible.

eGo Cycle

In four colors:

Caribbean Sky
Very Well Red

63"L x 40"H.
120 lbs.


Safety and licensing laws vary, please check with local authorities.

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