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Recommended Blogs

Adapting to a Power-downed World

These are some of the best blogs on why the world is powering down and how to adapt to life as energy descent unfolds. There's a heavy emphasis on history and anthropology in some of them since these disciplines provide the best analytical frameworks for understanding what has happened in the past and what is likely to happen in the future.

Jeff Vail
A Theory of Power

"An exploration of the development and structure of hierarchy and empire through political anthropology, economic theory, evolutionary ontogeny and developmental psychology."

If you are interested in how so few always end up with so much power over the many, then this blog is a must read. The best way to start is to read Jeff's 66-page book available in pdf through a link at top right on his site. Warning: this is heavy reading but well worth the effort. Once you have the big picture from the book, start reading the blogs. Or just start with the blog.

Jeff is a former USAF Intelligence Officer and a graduate of the USAF Academy (class of 99).

Go to Jeff Vail.

Peak Energy
A great roundup of energy related news

Peak Oil, renewable energy, and a host of other interesting and related stories from an Australian point of view. Few bloggers dig up the interesting stories so consistently as Big Gav.


The Oil Drum
A community discussion about Peak Oil

This is definitely one of the top three blogs and discussion forums on Peak Oil. The general approach is scientific due to the backgrounds of the principals operating the site. If you are into quantitative analysis of available data, this is the place for you.

The Oil Drum

A monthly exploration of cultural renewal

"MuseLetter's purpose is to offer a continuing critique of corporate-capitalist industrial civilization and a re-visioning of humanity's prospects for the next millennium. Subjects range from global economics to religion to the origin of humanity's antipathy toward nature. All essays are informed by a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary study of history and culture."

That's the official description of the site by the author Richard Heinberg.  It's technically not a blog but is included here because it covers the same issues as the other resources listed here. Subscription is a nominal $10 and back issues are available free in the archives.

Richard Heinberg is one of the foremost experts on Peak Oil.

Go to Museletter.

James Kunstler
Commentary on current events by the author of "The Long Emergency"

James Howard Kunstler is a former editor at Rolling Stone, author of several books on suburbia and its effects on the American lifestyle. Most recently, he published The Long Emergency which deals with the Peak Oil Crisis and why alternative energy sources cannot come close to replacing the fossil fuel energy needed to continue our present life-style. The blog is updated every Monday but the discussions run 24/7.

In effect, Americans threw away their communities in order to save a few dollars on hair dryers and plastic food storage tubs, never stopping to reflect on what they were destroying. The necessary restoration of local networks of economic interdependence, and the communities that rely on them, will be a  major theme later in this book.
                                               (Quote from The Long Emergency)

Go to James Kunstler's Blog.

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