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Business Accelerator
Guidance, support, and funding for startup companies

Are you introducing a new renewable energy technology or other product designed for eco-living? If you are, consider Karavans' business accelerator services.

Startups need to have people who have been through the process of successfully launching new companies, financing them, taking them to break-even and then profitability, as well as  managing growth.

That's the real value of a startup team.

Karavans offers business accelerator services to emerging companies to maximize their chances for successful entry into the market.

We view our portfolio companies as long-term partners to which we provide early-stage capital and close ongoing support. In most cases, Karavans is the first investor in a company. We deploy between $100,000 and $250,000 in companies with $500,000 to one million dollars in annual sales which have the capacity and opportunity to grow rapidly and meet emerging unmet needs in the marketplace. Karavans typically assumes a board seat and plays an active role in guiding the development of our investments.

Beyond capital, our team provides expertise in the areas of venture creation, strategy, marketing, operations, and finance. Karavans leverages its network of industry thought leaders, scientists, executives, entrepreneurs, venture investors, and industry experts to help our portfolio companies reach their potential. Additionally, our relationships with the venture capital community and investment banks opens the door to corporate partnerships that include strategic alliances, value-added supplier relationships, and strategic acquisitions.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with our portfolio companies based on trust, open communication, and integrity.

To inquire about our program criteria, send us an email.

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