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PowerDock Overview
The world's best solar-powered chargers

PowerDocks are portable power kits featuring a folding solar panel, battery pack, power meter & DC outlet sockets packed in a water resistant nylon carrying case with velcro equipment fastening system. Think of them as portable generating stations which use the sun to operate your small electronics.

Originally designed for family-style camping where weight is not a major concern but nighttime operation is. However, their range of uses extends far beyond just camping. These units will operate most laptop computers for over 2 hours and as long as 4 hours.

Powerdock Solar Charger

Fully integrated solar panels and 12 Volt battery storage

PowerDock has been designed to bridge the gap between home recharging and vehicle recharging. PowerDock provide 12 volt power for operating portable low voltage electrical products.  They utilize solar energy to charge self-contained batteries  capable of storing up to 9.2 amp/hours of 12 volt electrical energy. This new functionality allows you to operate your <90W laptop, stereo, TV, cell phone, fan, light, etc. around the clock without having to use your auto battery.

PowerDock is a portable low voltage source for not only storing energy but generating it as well! Operate your equipment day or night and recharge PowerDock by simply leaving it in the sun for a few hours! Your energy is generated free of charge.

Applications include:

Utility Power Loss: Stay in complete contact by plugging-in your cell phone and <90W laptop; operate a small low voltage TV or stereo; turn-on a low voltage light, etc.

Camping: Extend the useful life of your cell phone / <90W laptop or auto batteries; operate a fan or fluorescent light in your tent deep into the night; recharge your batteries the next day in the sunlight.

Sailing: Avoid running down your on-board battery and have the convenience of operating your equipment autonomously. Charge your on-board battery while sailing!

Emergencies: Store in the trunk of your car for emergency situations. In addition to supplying enough power to operate your cell phone and <90W laptop for days. The big PowerDock Elite model will even recharge an auto battery!

Remote Shelters: Store PowerDock in locations where you need stand-by power. Lighting, circulating or exhaust fan, music, battery recharging, etc.

Trickle Charging Batteries: PowerDock is an excellent way to safely charge and keep your batteries charged.

Four models to choose from

The first three units consist of both chargers and batteries for power storage. The last only comes with the charger.

PowerDock Elite: Comes with 9.2 Amp-Hour battery

PowerDock Executive: Comes with 7.0 Amp-Hour battery

PowerDock Basic: Comes with 4.6  Amp-Hour battery

PowerDock Lite: this model does not come with a battery. It can only be used for charging and not for power storage.

PowerDock Elite
Largest battery provides up to 9.2 Amp-hours of power

This is the unit with the largest battery capable of providing up to 9.2 Amp-hours of powers.

Sat phones: 14 hrs per day
Most laptops: 3 to 4 hrs per day (not standby)
GPS: 24 hrs per day

It will operate a 5" B/W TV for over 8 hrs, fluorescent light for 10-15 hours, charge cell phones and operate radios.

PowerDock Executive
For medium loads where 7.0 Amp-hours is required

This model is designed for medium loads such as fluorescent lights,  black & white TV's, energy efficient laptops, etc., where a smaller 7.0 Amp-hour battery is sufficient.

PowerDock Basic
For light loads where 4.6 Amp-hours is sufficient.

Designed for light loads such as LCD TV's, LED lights, charge cell phones and operate laptops for short periods at night. Designed for light loads such as LCD TV's, LED lights, charge cell phones and operate laptops for short periods at night.

Key Features:

  • 4.6 Amp-Hrs.
  • 4-5 hrs of charge time
  • Light weight and short recharge time
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Designed for light loads such as LCD TV's, LED lights, charge cell phones and operate laptops for short periods at night
  • Suitable for backpacking modest distances.
Designed for light loads such as LCD TV's, LED lights, charge cell phones and operate laptops for short periods at night.

PowerDock Lite
This model does not come with batteries

The PowerDock Lite has all the standard PowerDock features but comes without batteries! This model allows you to charge the batteries in your small electronics but does not allow power storage in the PowerDock itself.

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